Yuki began her holistic studies in 2004. She dove into the Asian therapies and currently specializes and has great passion for Shiatsu. Yet her interest in living naturally and allowing the body to heal on it’s own began well before 2004. She completed aromatherapy training in 2001 in Tokyo, Japan. She was born and raised in Japan and brings her intuitive gifts and diversity to share with us here in Fargo Moorhead! 

She originally came to the FM area in 2002 but left for awhile to spend time learning in CA. She’s been back in the FM area since 2006. Yuki has also finished her Bachelors in English and American Literature prior to diving into her bodywork career. She’s worked as a teacher and a manager. 

Yuki also wears the Mom hat and enjoys hanging out with her two daughters and her husband. She loves traveling, living in harmony with the environment, and has a great love for animals. You can find her playing piano, doing crafts (including making jewelry with stones and crystals), and rollerblading!