Another limb of Ayurvedic Health is Yoga! We call upon instructors who truly have the knack to help people listen to their bodies and utilize the yogic practice to help our bodies heal so we can have the ultimate balance of mind, body and spirit. 

$15 drop in. $12-13 for members and packages
$50 60min 1:1

Yoga Woman Image In Moorhead, By Fargo

Check our events page for our special  classes!  Or register for our regular classes here. It’s helpful for everyone when you register! We have unique and amazing instructors thus we don’t always have back ups arranged. So if you’re space is not held, and class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances we cannot connect with you if you have not registered. <3

We do have a fully functioning studio-so all of the mats and props you will need during a yoga session are provided. You can feel free to bring your own mat/items if you desire.

The instructors also offer individualized sessions if you're on a specific path of wellness and want that one on one assistance. (Read about the wonderful yoga instructors here).

A one on one session goes far beyond being in the classroom setting.
Your specific body, and mind obstacles are front and center and the instructor is able to specialize a yoga plan for exactly what YOU are working with.

A one on one session is perfect for you if:
- you're shy about group settings or
- you're dealing with specific ailments. 
- you want to know you're actually 'doing it right' One on one instruction makes sure you're holding postures properly and moving within you're personal range so you can get the most out of your personal practice!
-you're  already on a wellness path for you are given the tools to hone in on exactly what your body needs to do to unlock even more of it's potential! 

You can book a 30 or 60 minute one on one session here.