We have three tiers of therapists on board!

Foundational Therapists: these therapists have recently attended school and are building the foundations of their techniques and business. If you book with a foundational therapist your intro rate will be the same as our On Program rates versus our regular 'higher' rates which are applied to anyone who has reached a state of being Embodied.

Embodied Therapists: these therapists have honed in on their skills and have embodied the gift of massage so they can take things to a new level of healing or relaxation and support.

Veteran Embodied Therapists: these therapists have been embodied and practicing for a minimum of 5 years. They possess a lot of experience and have years of continued training added to their toolkits as well. 

Matt Franco
owner/veteran embodied therapist

Massage Therapist Moorhead MN

Matt became a massage therapist in 2005. His foundation is addressing the root issues of the structural body to improve overall body health and to alleviate pain.  His style is composed of modalities such as deep tissue, positional therapy, neuromuscular release, and the like. He has a knack for helping retrain muscle memory so that the body can truly heal and "let go" of that which is creating disturbances to the individual. He also has a strong background helping those who have had injuries, whether from sports, repetition or an accident.  
Recently, after becoming attuned to Reiki and trained in Access Bars, he has found another path to assist the body in healing, by integrating energy techniques along with his strong structural foundation.

Amanda Ortner
embodied therapist

Amanda has always had a knack for helping people through hard times, the classic “shoulder to cry on”. In 2013, after finishing high school, she left Fargo where she had been born and raised to travel the country. On the road is where she began to notice her ability to aid in others’ healing journey. It started with her music; she played the guitar and sang on the street, often writing her own songs of healing and discovery to share with those she encountered along the way. People from all different walks of life would come to her to share how her music had impacted them.

After becoming pregnant in 2015, Amanda moved back to Fargo to live with her family for the support she needed to help raise a child. She met Crystal Franco, who helped her discover more about her ability to spread healing energy throughout the world. Amanda had the honor of being attuned to Reiki from Crystal at the beginning of 2016 and has since become quite in tune with energy work. Wanting to take this ability further, Amanda decided to enroll in the Massage Therapy Program at The Salon Professional Academy.

She graduated at the end of 2017 with honors. While in school, Amanda excelled and found passion in deep tissue massage, trigger point work, and other neuromuscular and therapeutic approaches.

Marley Fugēre
embodied therapist

When Marley was attending cosmetology school she had a deep calling to work with people more on the ‘inside’ versus the outside. This awareness triggered her desire to attend massage school so she could tap into her inner healing skills as a massage therapist and energy worker. She graduated from the Salon Professional Academy in Fargo in 2018 to gain a foundation of skills so she could begin working with people’s bodies. Though she enjoys the structural work she thrives when she can guide a person’s body to a deeply relaxed state (the parasympathetic state). She understands how so much healing takes place when a person can be in this state and it is her gift to help others get there. She enjoys listening to a person’s body to find the imbalance and realigns the body, mind and spirit with the tools she has. She looks forward to continuing to evolve and learn as a massage therapist and healer.

Crystal Franco
owner/veteran embodied therapist/RMT/ORDM

Ordained Minister, Energy healer, massage therapist in moorhead mn

Crystal chose the healing path when she was 10 years old and has relished in working with so many people since 2000. Her focus is that of overall balance, energy work, clearing emotional/mental and energetic blocks, balancing internal organs along with the muscular work. Her massage forte is assisting with chronic neck issues, and dealing with the abdomen and pelvic support which is often skipped over during a 'typical' massage.

Kim Haarstick
veteran embodied therapist 

Massage therapist lymphatic drainage moorhead mn

Kim has been giving massage and body treatments since 2000. Her favorite modalities for healing include Ayurvedic massage and body treatments including oils, diet, and Yoga. Other treatments she offers are Raindrop Therapy, Hot Stone Therapy, PreNatal Yoga and massage and Labor massage.