Therapeutic Massage
initial or sporadic visit pricing: $50/30min    $80/60min  $110/90min $140/2 hours

Therapeutic massage is what a person usually thinks of when they think of receiving a massage, with the healing components as a focus (versus just a relaxation spa massage-though a lot of spa massage therapists are also doing therapeutic massage). Many may label this under the label Swedish Massage or even Deep Tissue Massage. 

During a session, the client will disrobe to their comfort level and be covered with a sheet and blanket. Then each area that is being worked on will be exposed as needed (so if your one leg is being worked on, it will be exposed until the therapist moves to your other leg, then it will be covered and your other leg exposed). 
The practitioner will then perform a range of techniques, which may include: effleurage, tapoment, kneading, range of motion work, acupressure or trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and the list goes on. The therapist will listen to you and your body to go as deep as the body desires for optimal healing. Depending upon the allotted time you may have your 'whole body' worked on or just a specific area.  

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage is a great option for those who are expecting a baby. It helps relieve aches and pains that can be associated with the many body changes that take place as one grows a baby. Prenatal massage can help balance out changing hormones as well, improving sleep, mood changes and it can help with nausea and other shifts occurring from the hormone changes. 
A Prenatal massage session is a therapeutic session with modifications for pregnancy. The person will side lie and the therapist is trained to help the pregnant body without causing harm. 

Intuitive Massage
$95 60min $135 90min

Intuitive Massage is a term that Crystal coined to describe her 'special' massage technique while she was working at an Organic Spa in San Francisco. 
It is very similar to Therapeutic Massage, yet it deserves it's own description so that it is better understood. 
Intuitive massage is when the therapist will utilize Everything in their toolbox as it seems fit for each client. This may include 'deeper' work on the person, including but not limited to: clearing emotions, calling upon other energy systems (the Chakra system or other components of organ/emotional links commonly seen in other healing modalities), toning (using the voice to clear out the gunk), as well as all of the other physical tools (including muscle testing, organ balancing through tapping, and all massage techniques that the therapist has experience with).

Mystical Massage
$175 75min

Mystical massage is beyond the intuitive massage. The client will receive bodywork and energy work. Plus be guided through a meditative experience and given energetic tools to deal with whatever they are currently facing in life. This is an extremely transformative experience and one to do deep work for yourself; harmonizing the body, mind and spirit.

Positional Release
$50 30min

A gentle, effective therapy for the treatment of chronic and acute muscular pain and for increasing range of motion. It is similar to having someone do yoga to you. So you are a passive recipient versus actively engaging muscles and doing work. Positional Therapy achieves its benefits by means of an automatic resetting of muscle spindles. Relief can be immediate and long lasting. These techniques are effective in the treatment of pain due to injury, stress, repetitive strain, postural distortion, and chronic neuromuscular conditions. You would wear comfortable clothing and keep clothing on unless it is incorporated into a therapeutic massage.

Lomi Lomi (for women only at this time)
$95 75min

Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage treatment that includes breath-work and specific movements by the therapist, extra oil, and wave-like flowing massage.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
$95/partial body 60min $120/full body 90min

A very specific treatment used to promote the movement and flow of the lymphatic system. The technique is very light and rhythmic.

Couples Massage

Your partner and you can both receive wonderful therapeutic massage treatments at the same time, side by side. Each person is paired with one therapist and receives the session they desire. Price ranges can change if one or both of you are wanting to receive a treatment outside of a therapeutic/intuitive massage or positional release. 

$65 30-45min

Your feet will be the focus for this treatment. The entire body will be stimulated by initiating points on the feet which correlate to the 'map' of the body. It can be viewed as a glorious foot massage however it holds more healing benefits because these specific points stimulate your organs, spine and overall body into balance as well as potential detoxification. 

Raindrop Therapy
$95     45min
$120     75min (RD incorporated into a massage session)

During a treatment of Raindrop Therapy (RD), pure essential oils are "raindropped" onto your spine. They are worked into your back with a specific light technique. After which, a hot pack is applied to the spine while the same oils are worked into reflex points on the feet. This can be done as an individual treatment or an addition to a mas15