Yoga for Back Pain Series


Yoga for Back Pain Series

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Therapeutic yoga series focused on the health and healing of the lower back.

Using a mixture of gentle, yin and restorative poses - this six week series aims to build off of the previous week's practice. We will start with simple & gentle poses that are well-known for their benefits for the back. I will be available to help each participant find their appropriate shape (along with exploring any modifications).

This series aims to reduce the amount of discomfort caused by lower back pain through beginner friendly yoga, breath exercises & meditation. Statistics show an astonishing amount of people suffering from lower back discomfort and normal group yoga classes routinely teach poses that are contraindicated or just too fast. I wanted to make classes available that are:

Utilize the breath
Move the body into parasympathetic (healing mode)
Stress reducing
& Healing!

For best results, I would advise signing up for the whole series if possible. The commitment to yourself and your practice will promote the most healing (and some costs savings).

6 class package investment - $100 (Sign up before Dec 31st - $90)
Per class - $22

This six week series will be held every Saturday from Jan 19th - March 2nd.

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