Eliminate chemicals from your bathroom:

Check out Norwex cleaning cloths for your tub, sink and mirrors.
Utilize baking soda and vinegar to scrub

I found that my life is much more flowy utilizing the norwex cleaning cloths versus incorporating baking soda and vinegar. I used them for a long time to clean our tub and sink and in the past few years I have solely used the bathroom mitt and an envirocloth. I simply wipe our tub every time it is used or right before it is used and it stays clean all the time with the least amount of effort I have ever put forth. I use the envirocloth on our sink and it's easy peasy. Literally you just wipe clean! My journey started with the cloths for the mirror. You wipe the mirror clean with a wet envirocloth and then wipe dry with the polish cloth. ONLY WATER, NO CHEMICALS and I LOVE IT! Plus it's super clean and shiny without streaks ;)