Kim has been attentive to natural health since she was a teenager, becoming a vegetarian at 15 and educating herself and others to have a clean diet. At the same time she understood that the quality of food we eat and how it is grown and processed affects our bodies, mind, and soul- and ultimately their function on all levels. 

Instead of going to a University, she traveled briefly around the states and was quickly and intuitively directed to a career in Massage Therapy at 20 years old, attending the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in Boulder, CO. She focused on modalities of Normalization of Soft Tissues (deep tissue massage), Swedish massage, Integrative Massage (combining various therapies to benefit the client), Hydro Therapies, Energy Medicine, Reflexology, and Prenatal Massages. She has had a continuous Massage practice over 16 years in various locations and settings, including home practice, natural health spas, and chiropractic offices. Her love for all things health lead to side jobs working in the Health Food Industry as well including vitamin and herb sales, and vegan & gluten free baking in a food co-op.

In 2003 she became certified as a birth Doula from the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery. In 2008 she completed the 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training at Shambahava School of Yoga at Shoshoni in Rollinsville, CO. From that time she has collectively joined her love for Yoga and Ayurvedic Therapies with Massage, leading to education in the specific Ayurvedic Body Therapies of Garshana, Abyghana & Svedhana, and Shirodhara from Karyn Cabot in Newport, RI and Farifield, IA. She currently teaches Prenatal Yoga and Astanga based Flow yoga.

Kim loves spending time with her two daughters- enjoying life together, eating real food, fermenting food, baking, yoga, exercise, hiking, being outdoors, and traveling.