Host your kiddos birthday party or other celebration with some yoga or hula hooping or a fun make up themed party!

You can bring or have delivered:
~ any food you desire, including cake/cupcakes etc.  {We do have a mostly tree nut free facility so if you are bringing in anything with tree nuts please let us know so we can take the appropriate precautions}
~decorations, especially if you have a specific theme


Party Options

Yoga Party:
~ 35-45 min yoga 'class' with an hour available for food/cake/free play

Hula Hoop Party:
~35-45 min hula hooping fun with an hour available for food/cake/free play

Make up Themed Party:
~Choose a theme from the following or request a specific theme (there is an added charge for the make up artist to prepare and practice etc): Mermaid Person party, Princess Party, Animal Theme. 
~Children will all receive the make up of choice with chemical free makeup. 

$100 for a 2 hr time slot. Currently available on Sundays only with some exceptions for other days depending upon request and scheduling.

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