Infrared Sauna sessions are a great way to warm up when it's so freezing cold!  And it is great throughout the summer months as well to maintain health.

Warm your body from the core/inside out with the infrared rays. This type of sauna (far infrared) has reported health benefits for cardiovascular health and pain management. There are other health benefits which are less documented such as improving detoxification and overall wellness. 
There are colored lights in the sauna if you want to utilize the colors for added color therapy-otherwise they simply add ambiance.

Single session $30  -30 minutes.
You can stay in the sauna for up to 30 minutes.

Unlimited Sauna Package $125
Come as many times as you like in the month for 30minute sessions, during our business hours. You can book online. A two hour advance notice is currently required.

One Month Membership
from 125.00

Our Membership Includes:

Unlimited* Infrared Sauna

One 60 min massage

$50 massages purchased throughout the month of your membership

$12 yoga classes

10% off products

*Unlimited Sauna-you can come as many times as you desire during business hours and a 2 hour notice is required.

member amount:
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