6:00 PM18:00

New Moon Restorative Yoga Experience

New Moon Restorative Yoga Experience
from 30.00

An extended restorative yoga experience that pairs with new moon energy. New moons are a powerful time for intention-setting, a dark period in the cycle of the moon that we will use to enhance clarity in our lives. In restorative yoga, your body is completely supported in poses that allows relief and release of tension and stress. This release enables us to become more connected with ourselves and our truth, our desires and dreams.

During the new moon phase, the moon, the sun, and Earth are all on the same longitude line, resulting in the moon’s orbit being invisible from the Earth. However, just because the moon cannot be physically seen at this time does not diminish its power.

Take the time to access the wisdom available in this particular point in lunar cycle. Great for people who want:

A longer, parasympathetic yoga experience
To tune into New Moon energy
Personal instruction in poses

Option for an essential oil blend and light face massage in the extended savasana.

$25/person if registered before Full Moon (April 19th)
$30/person after April 19th

solo or w/a friend:
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to Oct 25

Chakra Immersion Experience

Chakra Immersion Experience
157.00 227.00

Take a deep dive into your chakra system!

The chakra system is made up of 7 main energy centers which impact every area of our well-being. Each one correlates with certain components of the Self: physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually. When they are harmonious life is great! The body/mind and spirit all feel groovy and life feels easy and magical!

When out of balance, illness occurs and life isn't quite as fun as it Can be. One chakra being out of whack can create a wobble in the entire auric field!

In this series we will spend one week on each chakra--experiencing them on a DEEP level. This goes beyond just learning about the chakra system. You will explore what is going on in YOUR specific chakra system and be able to begin harmonizing the entire system!!

Each week will include:

~ group meditative experience

~ space to share and ask questions

~ specific questions to unlock keys to begin the harmonizing process

~ home integration

~ all of the fun that unfold in the moment!

This will be an IN PERSON & a LIVE-STREAMED event so you can join in person or anywhere in the world!!

You can join in person some of the days and do others via the comfort of your own home.

There are 2 series dates set up on this event. Choose June 14-July 26 or Sept 13-Oct 25. You do NOT need to attend both series. (They are the same with the exception of the group which creates the differences between courses).

Early bird investment is $157

Regular investment is $227

Again, this is a DEEP DIVE into YOUR Chakra System. It is different than a summary or brief class to learn about the chakras. This is an EXPERIENCE. What you put it, you will get out and beyond! <3

series date:
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11:30 AM11:30

Reiki I attunement class

Reiki I attunement class
from 50.00

Reiki helps you move energy through your body for self healing or the healing of others 

It taps you into the Universal Energy to clear out emotional blocks 

In the class you will
Receive the level I attunement
Learn proper hand placements
Learn the history of Reiki 
Become familiar with how Reiki energy flows so you can help yourself and others with numerous ailments including: pain, anxiety, fatigue, old wounds etc. 

It is wonderful for those who are already body workers to amplify their ability to tune in and allow space for increased healing. 

It is also wonderful for any person who simply wants to connect more with themselves and aid themselves through their own angst and body pains. 

If you’re ready to move into this next step, hold your place below with a $50 non refundable deposit.

( If you pay in full, you will receive a refund for $100 if you decide to not attend within 48 hours of the class start time. Refunds are not given if a notice of cancellation occurs within the day prior to class beginning).

If you have questions or have been on the fence, trying to decide if Reiki is right for you, you’re welcome to connect with Crystal 

Registration closes April 27, 2019

deposit or full pay:
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6:30 PM18:30

Full Moon: EO Yoga, Bodywork, & Ritual

Full Moon: EO Yoga, Bodywork & Ritual
from 22.00

Join others to harness the potential of the full moon!

We will gather together and hear briefly about the messages pertaining to each moon, including why Crystal chooses a particular essential oil. The oil is chosen to support you through each full moon's energies!

Then Krystal will lead you through a Yin Yoga flow to harness the moon for that month, and support your body. The chosen essential oil will be diffused in the room during the yoga flow.

Throughout the yoga session, Crystal will come around to each person and utilize body/energy work pertaining to the astrological sign which the moon is currently in.

We will close with open connecting or conversation to bring a sister/brotherhood to the entire experience.

This is for those who

- want to stay connected to lunar rhythms.

- want to connect with others during full moon 'chaos'

- enjoy yin yoga

- want to experience yoga with the powers of aromatherapy and body or energy work

solo or with friend:
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to Feb 12

Parent Kid Yoga Series

Parent Kid Yoga
from 25.00

Enjoy some yoga with your littles!

This class is for any parent who is wanting to spend some time doing yoga with their kiddos.

For this particular class it is best if children are at least 3 yo or in the infant stage before becoming mobile.

It is also nice to have only 2 kids who are in the younger range. If older kids are present as well, things flow nicely too. (It can be a bit hectic with many siblings close in age under 5yo but....

Crystal is flexible to work with other ages & amounts of kids to see if it works out for everyone.

Family style yoga is kept at the 45 minute range for children.

It is a great way to hang out with your kids while teaching them:

breath work

body awareness

emotional awareness

& get some body movement!!

This is a 5 week trial series.

{We will offer it on a weekly basis if the demand is high enough. Or we will offer continual 5 week series options with a week or two off in between the series options.}

$60 for the 5 weeks early pricing (includes one parent and one child)

$15 early pricing for each additional child or adult

after early bird pricing $25 each additional child and

$75 for the 5 week series.

Early bird pricing ends Jan 9, 2019.

*All sales are final, refunds not an option. (Credit for a comparable service may be honored).

pair or add:
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to Jan 20

Intro To Ayurveda

Intro to Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the oldest healing modality around
It translates to Life Knowledge and can impact your life positively by knowing how to find harmony.

Perfect for:
🤔 Everyone who’s ever been intrigued by Ayurveda
⚖️ Everyone who wants more balance in their lives-emotional/mental/physical

Learn about:

* the 5 elements 🔥💨💧🌻💫
* the 3 Doshas —identify your personal constitution
* common symptoms of imbalance (ex: anxiety, constipation, insomnia, dry skin, acne, excessive anger, ulcers, and on and on and on....)
* how to bring balance to your Dosha
* aromatherapy for Ayurvedic balancing
* intro for food for Ayurvedic balancing
* body oils and bodywork
* & more...

We will meet virtually with recordings available for those who cannot attend live.

Sunday January 13 @ 12p
Sunday January 20 @ 12p


All sales final at purchase. Since this is not an in person course and a recording is available we do not have our typical 24-48 hr cancellation policy in place.

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6:00 PM18:00

In-CHANTment: A Solstice Gathering

In~CHANTment: A Solstice Gathering

A Solstice Gathering: Meditative Chanting & Restorative Yoga

Rest into nourishing restorative yoga poses while being led into in~CHANTment with the vocals of Mantha Myhre. Thoughtfully prepared chants of Sanskrit and Hawaiian origin come together to deepen the experience of mind, body & spirit connection (the meaning of each chant will be shared as we go). Poses will be deeply relaxing and fully supportive while meditation throughout the practice will focus on our journey from darkness to light. Yoga is led by Krystal Sarki of Red Water Roots.

The solstice can be a time of powerful transformation. It means “sun standing still,” and during the solstice, the sun does just that. The seasonal movement of the sun's path comes to a stop before reversing direction. Many cultures recognize it as a time to celebrate the return of the light, or even as a symbol of rebirth.

Let's welcome the longer days in ways that heal, nourish & inspire.

$22 per person.

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On Body Hoop Dance Workshop For Beginners
to Mar 17

On Body Hoop Dance Workshop For Beginners

Do you want to try something new that many people have experienced incredible mental, emotional, and physical healing from? If you answered yes (or even if you didn't), this workshop is for you! This 3-Class Hoop Dance Workshop will introduce those who have never picked up a hoop to the wonderful world of hoop dance in an environment with other beginners who have been called to try hooping, too!

Benefits of Hoop Dance:
-Great for Cardio
-Workout for Your Muscles
-Helps With Mental Health Issues (Especially Depression/Anxiety)
-It's FUN!

1st Class: "How Do I Pick the Right Hoop?" and Waist Hooping
2nd Class: Chest and Shoulder Hooping
3rd Class: "How Do I Move This Thing Up?"

$15 per class or $33 for all three!
Age: This specific class is for teens and adults

Saturdays at 3:33p March 3, 10, 17.

**Hoops are provided for class but if you're interested in purchasing your own hoop, we've got those too!**

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Full Moon Circles
6:30 PM18:30

Full Moon Circles

Join others to harness the potential of the full moon.

January and March both have Blue Moons and February there is Not a full moon!!

Each month may be led by different people. The event is open to continue to evolve!

Get updates in the Facebook event here

Wednesday January 31, 2018

Friday March 2, 2018
Saturday March 31, 2018

Monday April 30, 2018

Tuesday May 29, 2018

Thursday June 28, 2018

Friday July 27, 2018

Sunday August 26, 2018

Tuesday September 25, 2018

Wednesday October 24, 2018

Fri November 23 2018

Saturday December 22, 2018

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12:00 PM12:00

Parent Self Care Sunday or Saturday!


This is a special day for all the parents out there who don't receive the bodywork they need because they cannot find a sitter!

We have joined forces with Chamonix, of Independent Childcare Solutions, to bring you two days a month where you can: book your appointment, receive the healing treatment you need, and know your kids are in good hands on-site. 

You will pay Chamonix directly, but will be discounted $5 per child (up to 2 kids-so up to $10) on your treatment, to pay for the childcare portion. So you're not out any extra cash for childcare! Time to nurture yourself! It's so easy.

Childcare is $5 per child/hour

Sunday January 21, 2018 book between 12:00-5:00p


Saturday January 27, 2018 book between 12:00-5:00p.


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2:00 PM14:00

2018 New Year Release and Create!


Ready to let go of 2017 and Welcome 2018?!

Come enjoy a guided experience to release 2017 and to call upon your wishes for 2018

You will be led through:
-45 min yoga session (to prepare the body for 2018),
-20-30 min meditation (to prepare your spirit for 2018),
-and a tactile paper and sacred scents experience (to prepare your mind for 2018) (2p-4p)

You will then have time afterwards to mingle, connect with others or enjoy the infrared sauna.

Hold your space for $22

***For TODAY-WED Dec 27, 2018 only $15****

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Winter Solstice Rejuvenating Celebration & Sale!
12:00 PM12:00

Winter Solstice Rejuvenating Celebration & Sale!

We are hosting an awesome Winter Solstice Celebration!! 🌲☀️❄️

🌿This is one of two times a year we have the phenomenal Floracopeia oils on sale for 25% off! 

Open house style for everyone plus tickets 🗳are available for those who want to utilize our rejuvenating services on this special day! 🙋

Check it out and purchase discounted treatments here

Gluten free, dairy free and nut free baked goods will be brought to you by the Doulas of the Red River Valley for their nonprofit bake sale
We will provide some special and delicious teas, & water. One delish tea will be Homemade Chai (it's the best and authentic healing elixir). 

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Nourish the Feminine Series: Fridays Oct 20- Nov 10
to Nov 10

Nourish the Feminine Series: Fridays Oct 20- Nov 10

  • Moorhead Massage & Wellness Center (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Crystal is hosting a Transformative Series beginning Oct 20! This series is especially for women who are wanting to dive in and really NOURISH themselves! When we learn about the Feminineand Masculine energies we can find balance and peace, which brings more bliss and overall wellness into our lives. When women nourish our feminine and step into this energy, we are more open to radiate our true selves, receive what we need from the world and feel more Joy! In turn, we help those around us, and the world at large!

Read more and register here

See more info on the Facebook event here

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Free FlorAlive Workshop
3:00 PM15:00

Free FlorAlive Workshop

  • Moorhead Massage & Wellness Center (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Flower essences have the power to lift and transform our lives!

If you've been dealing with any sort of trauma, or you have been working to shift things that are no longer working in your life, flower essences can support that change.

Flower essences can help you truly heal from emotional entanglements, including those which are generations deep!

In this meet up:

~Learn about how flower essences work.

~Explore the range of how the flowers can help you.

~Discover why uncut essences hold more potential than those on common store shelves.
~Experience a personal consultation for only $17 if you choose to see which flowers your body needs today.

This is a free event unless you choose to take advantage of the half price consultation.

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Free Floracopeia Essential Oils Intro: Preparing for Winter Season/Germs and More
3:00 PM15:00

Free Floracopeia Essential Oils Intro: Preparing for Winter Season/Germs and More

Come and learn about how to use essential oils to keep your family healthy. New germs and seasonal changes can often bring up those immune challenges! Get prepared with just a few essentials.

In this hour, you will learn what is actually safe and age appropriate with the oils.  

Our bodies are amazing and enjoy self healing, especially with nature's support. But just because essentail oils are natural doesn't make them all safe. Safe use is Essential!
Hear about how we view essential oils-because it's quite magical and not the way many view them :) 

If you are already familiar with the oils, come gain some new perspectives. For, once you see the oils in this new light, you will have a greater appreciation for them and an understanding that will help you feel confident in your ability to stay healthy and safe.

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