$95 60min, $120 90min

Reiki is an energetic healing session. The client lays on the table fully clothed while the Reiki attuned practitioner 'lays hands' on or above the body to channel Universal Energy to help healing occur in the different bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Reiki can also be incorporated into distance healing sessions. If you know someone in need of a distance healing session, feel free to inquire more and connect with one of the therapists who offers distance healing sessions. 


Access Bars
$95 60min, $120 90min

Access Bars is a healing session aimed to clear out specific 'bars' of energy through points on the head (we will also briefly touch your feet and hands). Running these bars helps you clear out old blocks and programming so you can feel balanced, healthy, joyful, free etc---to be the Infinite self you are on this planet to be!! <3
More info on the session:
Having your Bars run is incredibly relaxing.

You don't have to do or think about anything but instead you just lie down and receive.

For the entire process you will be lying down, face up and fully clothed
To initiate the process, the practioner will start pulling energy through your body
From then on, the whole session will be focused on your head with the practioner lightly touching various points
The whole session will typically last for 60 - 90 minutes
During the session you are free to do as you please; you can talk to the practioner or just float off in a world of your own.

There are 32 points on the head which all relate to something different (control, money, aging, creativity etc.) The practitioner holds these points for as long as they 'feel them running" to help clear the energy through them. It can be described as cleaning out your hard drive. Our brains and bodies hold so many memories and programs, similar to a computer's hard drive. Yet when we are running outdated systems, it can be bogged down. For us humans, when we are running old programs we can feel more fear and control. As well as unhappy or anxious etc. So clearing out these bars of energy helps free a person from these old patters so they can bring our more of their true self, experience more joy and balance and live life to it's fullest. It's great work to receive if you're uncomfortable being 'touched all over' or if you prefer staying clothed. And it's great for anyone who is ready for change in their life! It's different than a massage, yet just as relaxing. 


Emotional Clearing
$2/min, up to one hour. 

Emotional Clearing can happen during a massage or it can be it's "own thing." As solely an emotional clearing session, the person will sit face to face with the practitioner fully clothed. The client will then say where he or she is 'at' and where they want to be, and things move from there. Crystal utilizes tapping along the spine or holding pulse points on the wrist along with emotional points on the forehead, along with verbal confirmations and different clearing statements to help the client clear stuck emotions from their psyche and body. She occasionally utilizes other techniques such as, EFT (emotional freedom technique) or chakra balancing with specific affirming statements. She can also help guide you on finding a flower essence (or blend) that can dramatically help the body keep up with the emotional, spiritual and mental changes occurring throughout each level of being and the physical body. 

Flower Essence Consultation
$55 and the cost of the essence you choose if you choose to purchase one (ranges from $24.95-$49.95)

Have Crystal energetically scan your system for the best flower essences to support your emotional and energetic body. After the scan you will be tested on statements and utilize the testers to validate a match for the essence to be productive and helpful for transforming your system.