Crystal was 10 years old when a friend suggested she become a massage therapist because of her natural sense of touch and fascination with how the body can heal itself. So it was decided then, that she would do just that, immediately following high school. She has been working on/with people since 2000. She blends all of her tools and life knowledge together to help people balance and heal themselves on every level: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

She has always been an intuitive person and has had an intuitive touch which has guided her through the physical world. When she was working at an organic spa In San Francisco, CA (in 2008), she coined the phrase "Intuitive Massage" to describe the type of massage she offers. She Listens to the body to see where it is wanting the most assistance as well as to determine what type of work the body desires to heal itself most effectively. She then utilizes the information she receives to guide the body back into health or balance, using a myriad of tools (massage techniques, energetic points/clearing, reflexology, cranial sacral work, Reiki, organ balancing- utilizing massage or Total Body Modifications, emotional clearing and the list goes on). 

Early in her career, Crystal became fascinated by how the body holds onto negative emotional patterns which causes dis-ease or lack of harmony in the person's body or psyche. From this point she began helping folks clear these negative emotional blocks and patterns through EFT (emotional freedom technique) and her own knowledge of the organs and emotional points acquired from her own healing, as well as incorporating chakra healing work she learned in massage school and on her own. 

Since becoming a mother, this emotional body has become a forefront for the work Crystal enjoys doing. She works with people to clear things from their own childhood, as well as other times of their life, to live the healthy & happy life they desire. She has worked mostly with folks struggling with anxiety and depressive moments, as well as some who are prone to anger and frustration. (Her other passions which are entangled with this type of work include working with women through their pregnancies in preparation for birth, as well as with parents through her Lovespace Parenting coaching work).

Adding to this work, she recently (2016) became trained in Access Bars as well, to help break apart these patterns which hold us humans back from being the infinite, amazing humans we are here to be! 

Crystal loves meditation, dance, writing, painting, hanging out with her family-playing with her kids, & traveling. She loves the metaphysical and has learned quite a bit about Western Astrology and numerology and knows other bits and pieces of other types of astrology and magical ways of learning. She lives as naturally as possible in each given circumstance and hopes to be even more sustainable with her home structure and land in the near future.