Stepping into Spring

Here we are, finally feeling warm temperatures, seeing the green grass, the blooming trees and flowers and enjoying the end of one season and the beginning of another-Spring! (The tulips and blooms on our apple tree are my favorite)!

Viewing things from an Ayurvedic stand point our bodies are shifting through this "kapha" season. Kapha contains that moist component of the end of winter and the beginning of spring. So as our bodies mimic nature, you may be experiencing some blockages in your lymphatic or energetic systems. You may be trying to eliminate this excess moisture which has accumulated and is now wanting to flow onward and outward. 

I find that this FM area is also an interesting place to experience seasonal changes for the weather can play tricks on our system. We will have snow and 30 degree weather one day and 70 degrees the next! Supporting my own body make up has been imperative for me to get through these confusing seasonal changes (and to do so without getting sick). It takes my body a bit longer to "settle in" to a season in this location compared to other places I have lived. So, I personally am still experiencing this 'cleansing' of the kapha energies and moisture. However, we are also upon some Heat and those Pitta, Summer energies. So if you're already feeling the heat, check out my post on Summer Heat here.

If you're experiencing some of these bodily components (listed below) as we enter spring, you can come on in and support your lymphatic system with: *a Therapeutic Massage, a *Manual Lymphatic Drainage Session or an *Abhyanga Garshana (and Swedhana if desiring some extra heat or a momentary boost of heat to open your pores for better oil absorption). 

What bodily components am I referring to? Well, if you're

~waking up with puffy or crusty eyes, or an overall feeling of water retention in your body (puffy all over type of sensation). Or if this "puffy" feeling carries itself with you throughout the day.
~phlegm or mucous upon waking or more of it throughout the day. For me, I experience this sensation as myself questioning if I'm getting a 'cold' as it has gotten Warm.
~appetite changes (if these are significant and upsetting your system versus a joyful shift with the seasons)-such as really sluggish digestion, or a loss of appetite.
~having low energy despite loving that the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming, 
~feeling bogged down in general- feeling blocked and not flowy. 

So how have you been feeling as the seasons have changed? 

I have been feeling some of these things and am eager to have more bodywork done to help support my body and being throughout this transition! I have also noticed a small bit of this in my littles so I have been giving my kiddos more massage than normal too! Are you wanting more support through this seasonal change? 

*a quick summary of the modalities mentioned:  [A Therapeutic Massage can be done with Ayurvedic oil to give a boost to the lymphatic support of the massage.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle 'circling' massage that is focused on addressing your lymph system more directly.
Abhyanga Garshana Swedhana helps initiate the lymphatic system and improves circulation overall to bring this balance and assistance in clearing out the excessive moisture].