Priorities. Open to Receive. Nurture Your Body, Spirit and Mind.


I was just in the middle of doing dishes when I realized I was prioritizing the order of dishes I was going to do. This spun me into a whirlwind of thoughts about how often I echo this exact ‘lesson’ to my partner, my kids, friends and those whom I’ve coached.
Being in the moment and getting things done is all about Priorities. It’s also about commitment, but that’s a whole other component. Well our Health and Wellbeing is also about Priorities. We must make US a priority!

As a mom of three amazing children, a partner to a lovely human, and a human who enjoys living life and healing herself, I have to prioritize each moment. (Even this one where I’m making this post more important than those said dishes). There are moments when the needs of the youngest come first, moments when the oldest, moments when the loverface, moments when the middle and moments when it absolutely must be me and my needs. Well, as a mom who is nurturing her household, I also see how imperative it is that mom DOES make herself a priority. I have a group of women right now who have made themselves a priority once a week by meeting with me and other women so they can incorporate some simple tools to keep themselves nourished and healthy. Taking this one step and after you make the choice can steer life in a totally different direction. Being where I am now I have so much more vitality and energy and inner peace than I did before adding another human to our family!

Prioritizing Yourself is important for EVERYONE, not just moms. 

Every person on the planet deserves to be healthy. It is definitely a state of privilege that allows some to be healthier than others. And I don’t want to negate that. Yet I will say that for those who are able to take steps in that direction, it can really be simply making the Choice. 

It is true, where our mind and emotions go we put energy. That energy brings us different outcomes. So as I chose to get more bodywork, and do things for ME, the world evolved to make it happen. 

One of the things I would gift the entire world if I could is to have weekly or more massage and bodywork treatments. I’m currently gradually making the space for our family to receive little bits of bodywork Every Day. (So far I’ve gotten 2 out of the 5 of us down per day). I feel like this is so important for us as individual humans as well as humanity as a whole! 

What are you doing to make YOU a priority today? 


It doesn’t have to be an hour long massage or healing session. It can be 10 minutes of something here and 10 minutes there, but Something for You. 

I think people sometimes get caught up in needing the big thing right away but the truth is, I started with simply acknowledging that I was worth having my needs met. If you’re not use to giving to yourself then it can take a conscious effort to break that patterning (or the help of something like flower essences or having your bars run). My self talk shifted and then I was able to receive a bit more. So if you’re not able to jump on a massage table for a session right away, work up to it. And if you are, then you can be one of those individuals who takes big steps right away! 

All in all, every one of us benefits when we can receive and make ourselves the priority, even if it’s in mini increments. And even if it’s something you’re doing for yourself (versus having someone facilitate more healing and nurturing). Now, what are you going to do today to help yourself? What is your priority?