Plan Ahead: The Path of Commitment.

We all know that COMMITMENT can be the missing ingredient in accomplishing our goals. It is necessary to maintain healthy relationships and that includes our relationship with our Self.

It’s a common phenomenon to have someone call for a bodywork session once things reach a peak point of aching or imbalance. Yet there are so many of us out there who really DO Maintain our wellness. This maintenance comes from a commitment to take care of ones self; and it can require some planning.


Many of our ‘healing success stories’ comes from clients who have committed to their healing journey. They listen to suggestions and to their inner selves so they can stay on track. This sometimes looks like coming more often for a bit, and other times people shift directly into a maintenance plan, where they can come once a month or so. Either way, it helps to book ahead. To plan out the best days/times/months to Receive-to take care of OneSelf.

Personally, I try to plan out my monthly Shirodhara and one other treatment, about a month in advance. There are times I plan out the next two or three months so that I GUARANTEE my time to receive what I need.

Clients who come on a regular basis and who plan ahead tend to be the ones who are really committed to their wellness. That ‘knowing’ of having their slot held, gives them peace of mind as well as solidifies their commitment to themselves. It may seem like ‘small stuff,’ but even those two components (peace of mind and telling your inner self you’re committed to YOU) can create a ripple effect and make the sessions even more powerful. It’s incredible to see how our subconscious affects our healing path, so it does make sense that those subtle actions create more strength and support for the journey.

On a personal note: I recently came upon a ‘new dilemma’ in my career. I (Crystal) have been opening up different hours for my regular clients so that I can still see new clients on my regular hours, and I am still booking out to February!! (It’s December 7th today). Pondering how to guarantee people to have slots and time with me has been on my mind. My thoughts have led to ‘how do I make sure I get care,’ which reminded me that I schedule things WEEKS in advance. I set the tone. I make it a Priority. I “Guarantee” my self care. Sometimes there are hiccups which derail this, but for the most part, it truly does guarantee that I get what I need to be the best me I can be for myself, my family and the world at large.

After coming to that realization and starting to write about it to share with all of you, I pulled an oracle card and it was the 1 of roses COMMITMENT. Mind Blown.

This card reiterates everything I was feeling. When I read cards I often just use what flows through me but on occasion I check out what ‘the book’ has to say and this particular card drew me to the book, which further extrapolated my feelings by saying:

It is a reminder to be conscious of your commitment
to yourself. If you want others to put you first or to help
bring happiness to your life, then you must commit to do
the same. Your self-honoring choices will set the groundwork
for all your partnerships to thrive.

So, I invite you to put yourself as a Priority. Plan It Out. Schedule your next few months of self care. COMMIT to it. The New Year is right around the corner as well-making it an even more perfect time to decide on actions that will benefit your greater good! Cheers to the New Year! Wishing you well during the holiday season <3 ~Crystal