Aromatherapy Research: Bergamot

As a trained aromatherapist one of my biggest roles is that of educator. It’s wild how different each aromatherapist will look at things, but when you add in the MLM company reps sharing other information, it can get really confusing as to what to do and what not to do. Well one of my teachers is a leader in continuing research for essential oils. Essential oils are really lacking in research for the public. I am a huge believer in intuition and following that guidance as well as apprenticed information. And I love hearing what shows up when natural remedies are actually put through research protocols.

Research, well good research, often leaves us with even more questions. This is one reason why I enjoy hearing what all shows up when essential oils are really being studied. These studies open up new doors to what we can do with these oils. New possibilities arise, and new questions.

Recently my teacher Jessie, from the Franklin Instituted publicized one of her webinars sharing what the researchers found in a meta analysis exploring bergamot and anxiety symptoms. To be clear, it is regarding daily type of anxiety symptoms, not anxiety disorders; as well as pre-procedural anxiety. And the findings are fascinating.

The BIGGEST take away for me was how bergamot can be extremely beneficial for adults when given via aromatherapy at a medical dose for 10-15 minutes (not in a diffuser folks—an inhaler, yes—that’s one of my favorite tools/remedies for my aromatherapy clients!!). For children however, bergamot INCREASED anxiety symptoms!! This is HUGE. Children are an understudied population and when it comes to aromatherapy it is seriously lacking. Yet, moms all over are wanting to use plant allies to help their kiddos. (btw, in case you don’t watch the video: sweet orange is a great alternative for kids)

I love sharing this information. And I love supporting others on their aromatherapy journeys. It’s always my advice to utilize someone trained, so you too can have a positive experience and know the ways in which aromatherapy can be effective and safe.

Hugs, ~Crystal

To listen to the research yourself check out the video: