Nourish the Feminine: tap into your radiance and find more joy and balance in your life!


Crystal is hosting a Transformative Series beginning Oct 20! This series is especially for women who are wanting to dive in and really NOURISH themselves! When we learn about the Feminineand Masculine energies we can find balance and peace, which brings more bliss and overall wellness into our lives. When women nourish our feminine and step into this energy, we are more open to radiate our true selves, receive what we need from the world and feel more Joy! In turn, we help those around us, and the world at large!

Who is this series for?

Women who
- are yearning for more from their lives,
- go to sleep exhausted and are feeling the go go go energy too much on a daily basis,
- feel their hormones or are out whack or their bodies are achy and suffering,

- know there’s more to life than what they are experiencing


Women who want to 

- feel alive and juicy

- slow things down and feel more of “themselves”

- open to receive all the goodness life has to offer

- feel balance and love themselves

- learn more about stepping into their feminine energy

- connect with other women and feel that sisterhood

Begins October 20 and runs until November 10. We meet every Friday from 6p- 7p.
(If there is a little bit of extra connection needed, we will go until about 7:20p).

Make sure to check out continual posts on the fb event page!