Infant Massage Class

Come learn the benefits and techniques to massage your babies!! This is a registration required event so save your place for June 28 @ 3p or July 2 @ 3p down below.

In this one hour class you will learn: 
~ how to massage your baby properly-during special massage time as well as throughout the day
~ how to incorporate oils, and/or do massage with clothes on
~ how to gift massage during waiting periods/or out in public

The benefits of massage for infants and their caregivers are priceless, and many. 

Some benefits for baby include:

Infant massage moorhead fargo

~ relaxation, decrease in cortisol
~ improve midline orientation
~ decrease gassiness, or other tummy upsets
~ improve circulation
~ increase oxygenation to cells and improve nutrient absorption
~ overall body calm and wellness -helping with other pain management when experiencing things such as teething
~ coordination and balance; overall motor development
~ helps with all forms of attachment: eye to eye contact, smell, touch, voice, movement, thermal regulation
~ fills them with a sense of love and connection
~ and much more

Some benefits for parents/caregivers include:

~ learning more about how your baby communicates/what their cues are and what they mean
~ increases parental confidence
~ ease parents stress
~ helps bonding for both baby and parent (gives extra connection for those who may work out of the home)
~ increases the sense of peace and love


Come to class in comfortable clothes and bring your baby!
Children under 12months old for this class (unless they are not super mobile/walking yet). {And you can utilize what you learn well beyond that first year! For class purposes we want the age limit set for distraction purposes}.

Register for Wednesday June 28, 2017 Class 3p-4p by clicking the date below


Register for Sunday July 2, 2017 Class 3p-4p by clicking the date below