Summer Heat

Each of us has a different relationship with the elements and the summer heat is one of those external factors we each handle a bit differently. That 'fire' is a typical characteristic of the Pitta dosha in Ayurveda. 

Since spring can seem extremely short in this FM area, you may already be experiencing an abundance of the Heat usually brought to us by the summer season. This extra heat may be aggravating the pitta energies within your body. 

If you're experiencing: 

~uncomfortable sensations from the heat
~indigestion or acid reflux, or other bowel issues
~impatience, frustration or anger and/or criticism, and intolerance
~excessive sweating or odors
~inflammation or achy joints

your pitta may be thrown off balance. 

You can help pacify your pitta by doing self massage with a pitta balancing oil, diffusing some pitta essential oil, or by receiving a balancing treatment.

The Garshana treatment benefits the pitta imbalance by assisting the body in detoxifying as well as improving circulation to help the body assimilate needed nutrients.

The Abhyanga also aids in detoxification, and overall movement to balance out the body. It is revitalizing and relaxing. During this season the therapist would use a pitta balancing oil to bring more coolness to the body. 

The Vishesh session is great for that pitta desire to have a deep pushing upon their muscles to rejuvenate the body as well as detox from excessive toxins or energies. This treatment helps bring fresh oxygen to the body which helps if you're feeling pulled down by the excessive heat. 

The Shirodhara is a balancing oil treatment which is often associated with balancing the Vata dosha however it is still helpful for those with a pitta imbalance as well for it can bring that 'go go go' energy some stability. 

In our healing space we have Pitta 'body' oils and essential oils to help support you throughout this time of the year! 

Wishing you the best summer yet! Enjoy.