Aromatherapy Research: Bergamot

As a trained aromatherapist one of my biggest roles is that of educator. It’s wild how different each aromatherapist will look at things, but when you add in the MLM company reps sharing other information, it can get really confusing as to what to do and what not to do. Well one of my teachers is a leader in continuing research for essential oils. Essential oils are really lacking in research for the public. I am a huge believer in intuition and following that guidance as well as apprenticed information. And I love hearing what shows up when natural remedies are actually put through research protocols.

Research, well good research, often leaves us with even more questions. This is one reason why I enjoy hearing what all shows up when essential oils are really being studied. These studies open up new doors to what we can do with these oils. New possibilities arise, and new questions.

Recently my teacher Jessie, from the Franklin Instituted publicized one of her webinars sharing what the researchers found in a meta analysis exploring bergamot and anxiety symptoms. To be clear, it is regarding daily type of anxiety symptoms, not anxiety disorders; as well as pre-procedural anxiety. And the findings are fascinating.

The BIGGEST take away for me was how bergamot can be extremely beneficial for adults when given via aromatherapy at a medical dose for 10-15 minutes (not in a diffuser folks—an inhaler, yes—that’s one of my favorite tools/remedies for my aromatherapy clients!!). For children however, bergamot INCREASED anxiety symptoms!! This is HUGE. Children are an understudied population and when it comes to aromatherapy it is seriously lacking. Yet, moms all over are wanting to use plant allies to help their kiddos. (btw, in case you don’t watch the video: sweet orange is a great alternative for kids)

I love sharing this information. And I love supporting others on their aromatherapy journeys. It’s always my advice to utilize someone trained, so you too can have a positive experience and know the ways in which aromatherapy can be effective and safe.

Hugs, ~Crystal

To listen to the research yourself check out the video:

Abhyanga: tandem, solo and self

Exploring the most powerful self care actions one can take, I immediately lead with SELF ABHYANGA!!

After I had my third child I had to take bed rest for a week and really focus on what it is that “I” needed to truly heal. After I was able to get back on my feet (literally and figuratively) I began the ancient practice of self abhyanga and it has been life changing!

Abhyanga is warm oil massage.

Self abhyanga is when a person applies warm oil to themselves and gives themselves a massage. You can get really specific with this or you can just do your best. In general, the routine of performing self abhyanga is a ritual which deserves a conscious administration. (I will create a post for just this in the near future :))

Before we go any further and explain Receiving abhyanga from a practitioner, let’s look at the wildly great benefits of practicing abhyanga on oneself or of receiving it from another….

Best tandem massage fargo moorhead Tandem Abhyanga

1. nourishes the nervous system (reduces anxiety)
2. nourishes the skin & prevents dehydration
3. soothes insomnia
4. nourishes the body and promotes confidence and stability (grounded-ness)
5. alleviates fatigue-rejuvenates and reduces stress from overworked body or mind
6. creates a protective shield around the body
7. creates electrochemical balance in the body
8. amplifies the immune system
9. increases longevity and reverse aging
10. supports healthy digestion

Receiving abhyanga as a treatment with one therapist:

Solo abhyanga has all of the same benefits as listed above. It is detoxifying and grounding. It helps balance out the Vata dosha, just as it does if you are doing it for your own personal routine or if you were to receive the tandem work. Receiving the abhyanga from another (versus your personal practice) takes the warm oil massage to new heights. The therapist can squeeze, flush and nurture your body in ways that are tricky to do on oneself. A big difference is how you are able to be in a Receptive state (versus an active and receptive state). Your receptive state allows you to go deeper into the parasympathetic state (this is the nervous system state where one feels relaxed and at ease versus in fight or flight). Your body is able to soak up all of the organic food grade oils for optimal nourishment. And the duration is close to an hour versus a quicker routine one has for oneself.

Receive abhyanga with two therapists:

Best tandem massage fargo moorhead tandem abhyanga ayurvedic massage

Tandem Abhyanga is also known as Mirror Massage or 4 handed massage. Mirror Massage is a bit more accurate for “4 handed massage” may or may not have the therapists mirroring one another’s actions. Whereas with Tandem Abhyanga the therapists do mirror one another for the majority of the session. This dual action has a profoundly balancing effect. It balances the hemisphere’s of the brain. It is considered a rasayana which means Rejuvenation. It is poetic and rhythmic. If you’re familiar with Ayurveda, Abhyanga is extremely balancing for the Vata dosha. Balancing out “vata” brings harmony to all of the other doshas as well, for vata is what moves everything through the body. If you’re not familiar with Ayurveda, Vata rules the air and space element. When it is out of balance a person experiences stress, anxiety, insomnia, bowel discomforts, dry skin, difficulty with focus, dizziness, an overall sense of being ‘out of it,’ and un-grounded.

Abhyanga is one of the best steps we can take to practice self care. Daily self abhyanga and then receiving from another on a consistent basis are guaranteed to bring profound shifts into your overall wellness! Working with a practitioner helps you determine what frequency is best for you. It is common to receive a solo or tandem session about once a month while practicing daily abhyanga. While some folks do better with receiving bi-weekly or even weekly. Each individual has different needs and ailments so take the time you need for your own well-being.

Tandem Massage Tandem Abhyanga Moorhead Fargo

Plan Ahead: The Path of Commitment.

We all know that COMMITMENT can be the missing ingredient in accomplishing our goals. It is necessary to maintain healthy relationships and that includes our relationship with our Self.

It’s a common phenomenon to have someone call for a bodywork session once things reach a peak point of aching or imbalance. Yet there are so many of us out there who really DO Maintain our wellness. This maintenance comes from a commitment to take care of ones self; and it can require some planning.


Many of our ‘healing success stories’ comes from clients who have committed to their healing journey. They listen to suggestions and to their inner selves so they can stay on track. This sometimes looks like coming more often for a bit, and other times people shift directly into a maintenance plan, where they can come once a month or so. Either way, it helps to book ahead. To plan out the best days/times/months to Receive-to take care of OneSelf.

Personally, I try to plan out my monthly Shirodhara and one other treatment, about a month in advance. There are times I plan out the next two or three months so that I GUARANTEE my time to receive what I need.

Clients who come on a regular basis and who plan ahead tend to be the ones who are really committed to their wellness. That ‘knowing’ of having their slot held, gives them peace of mind as well as solidifies their commitment to themselves. It may seem like ‘small stuff,’ but even those two components (peace of mind and telling your inner self you’re committed to YOU) can create a ripple effect and make the sessions even more powerful. It’s incredible to see how our subconscious affects our healing path, so it does make sense that those subtle actions create more strength and support for the journey.

On a personal note: I recently came upon a ‘new dilemma’ in my career. I (Crystal) have been opening up different hours for my regular clients so that I can still see new clients on my regular hours, and I am still booking out to February!! (It’s December 7th today). Pondering how to guarantee people to have slots and time with me has been on my mind. My thoughts have led to ‘how do I make sure I get care,’ which reminded me that I schedule things WEEKS in advance. I set the tone. I make it a Priority. I “Guarantee” my self care. Sometimes there are hiccups which derail this, but for the most part, it truly does guarantee that I get what I need to be the best me I can be for myself, my family and the world at large.

After coming to that realization and starting to write about it to share with all of you, I pulled an oracle card and it was the 1 of roses COMMITMENT. Mind Blown.

This card reiterates everything I was feeling. When I read cards I often just use what flows through me but on occasion I check out what ‘the book’ has to say and this particular card drew me to the book, which further extrapolated my feelings by saying:

It is a reminder to be conscious of your commitment
to yourself. If you want others to put you first or to help
bring happiness to your life, then you must commit to do
the same. Your self-honoring choices will set the groundwork
for all your partnerships to thrive.

So, I invite you to put yourself as a Priority. Plan It Out. Schedule your next few months of self care. COMMIT to it. The New Year is right around the corner as well-making it an even more perfect time to decide on actions that will benefit your greater good! Cheers to the New Year! Wishing you well during the holiday season <3 ~Crystal

Priorities. Open to Receive. Nurture Your Body, Spirit and Mind.


I was just in the middle of doing dishes when I realized I was prioritizing the order of dishes I was going to do. This spun me into a whirlwind of thoughts about how often I echo this exact ‘lesson’ to my partner, my kids, friends and those whom I’ve coached.
Being in the moment and getting things done is all about Priorities. It’s also about commitment, but that’s a whole other component. Well our Health and Wellbeing is also about Priorities. We must make US a priority!

As a mom of three amazing children, a partner to a lovely human, and a human who enjoys living life and healing herself, I have to prioritize each moment. (Even this one where I’m making this post more important than those said dishes). There are moments when the needs of the youngest come first, moments when the oldest, moments when the loverface, moments when the middle and moments when it absolutely must be me and my needs. Well, as a mom who is nurturing her household, I also see how imperative it is that mom DOES make herself a priority. I have a group of women right now who have made themselves a priority once a week by meeting with me and other women so they can incorporate some simple tools to keep themselves nourished and healthy. Taking this one step and after you make the choice can steer life in a totally different direction. Being where I am now I have so much more vitality and energy and inner peace than I did before adding another human to our family!

Prioritizing Yourself is important for EVERYONE, not just moms. 

Every person on the planet deserves to be healthy. It is definitely a state of privilege that allows some to be healthier than others. And I don’t want to negate that. Yet I will say that for those who are able to take steps in that direction, it can really be simply making the Choice. 

It is true, where our mind and emotions go we put energy. That energy brings us different outcomes. So as I chose to get more bodywork, and do things for ME, the world evolved to make it happen. 

One of the things I would gift the entire world if I could is to have weekly or more massage and bodywork treatments. I’m currently gradually making the space for our family to receive little bits of bodywork Every Day. (So far I’ve gotten 2 out of the 5 of us down per day). I feel like this is so important for us as individual humans as well as humanity as a whole! 

What are you doing to make YOU a priority today? 


It doesn’t have to be an hour long massage or healing session. It can be 10 minutes of something here and 10 minutes there, but Something for You. 

I think people sometimes get caught up in needing the big thing right away but the truth is, I started with simply acknowledging that I was worth having my needs met. If you’re not use to giving to yourself then it can take a conscious effort to break that patterning (or the help of something like flower essences or having your bars run). My self talk shifted and then I was able to receive a bit more. So if you’re not able to jump on a massage table for a session right away, work up to it. And if you are, then you can be one of those individuals who takes big steps right away! 

All in all, every one of us benefits when we can receive and make ourselves the priority, even if it’s in mini increments. And even if it’s something you’re doing for yourself (versus having someone facilitate more healing and nurturing). Now, what are you going to do today to help yourself? What is your priority?

Nourish the Feminine: tap into your radiance and find more joy and balance in your life!


Crystal is hosting a Transformative Series beginning Oct 20! This series is especially for women who are wanting to dive in and really NOURISH themselves! When we learn about the Feminineand Masculine energies we can find balance and peace, which brings more bliss and overall wellness into our lives. When women nourish our feminine and step into this energy, we are more open to radiate our true selves, receive what we need from the world and feel more Joy! In turn, we help those around us, and the world at large!

Who is this series for?

Women who
- are yearning for more from their lives,
- go to sleep exhausted and are feeling the go go go energy too much on a daily basis,
- feel their hormones or are out whack or their bodies are achy and suffering,

- know there’s more to life than what they are experiencing


Women who want to 

- feel alive and juicy

- slow things down and feel more of “themselves”

- open to receive all the goodness life has to offer

- feel balance and love themselves

- learn more about stepping into their feminine energy

- connect with other women and feel that sisterhood

Begins October 20 and runs until November 10. We meet every Friday from 6p- 7p.
(If there is a little bit of extra connection needed, we will go until about 7:20p).

Make sure to check out continual posts on the fb event page!

Infant Massage Class

Come learn the benefits and techniques to massage your babies!! This is a registration required event so save your place for June 28 @ 3p or July 2 @ 3p down below.

In this one hour class you will learn: 
~ how to massage your baby properly-during special massage time as well as throughout the day
~ how to incorporate oils, and/or do massage with clothes on
~ how to gift massage during waiting periods/or out in public

The benefits of massage for infants and their caregivers are priceless, and many. 

Some benefits for baby include:

Infant massage moorhead fargo

~ relaxation, decrease in cortisol
~ improve midline orientation
~ decrease gassiness, or other tummy upsets
~ improve circulation
~ increase oxygenation to cells and improve nutrient absorption
~ overall body calm and wellness -helping with other pain management when experiencing things such as teething
~ coordination and balance; overall motor development
~ helps with all forms of attachment: eye to eye contact, smell, touch, voice, movement, thermal regulation
~ fills them with a sense of love and connection
~ and much more

Some benefits for parents/caregivers include:

~ learning more about how your baby communicates/what their cues are and what they mean
~ increases parental confidence
~ ease parents stress
~ helps bonding for both baby and parent (gives extra connection for those who may work out of the home)
~ increases the sense of peace and love


Come to class in comfortable clothes and bring your baby!
Children under 12months old for this class (unless they are not super mobile/walking yet). {And you can utilize what you learn well beyond that first year! For class purposes we want the age limit set for distraction purposes}.

Register for Wednesday June 28, 2017 Class 3p-4p by clicking the date below


Register for Sunday July 2, 2017 Class 3p-4p by clicking the date below

Summer Heat

Each of us has a different relationship with the elements and the summer heat is one of those external factors we each handle a bit differently. That 'fire' is a typical characteristic of the Pitta dosha in Ayurveda. 

Since spring can seem extremely short in this FM area, you may already be experiencing an abundance of the Heat usually brought to us by the summer season. This extra heat may be aggravating the pitta energies within your body. 

If you're experiencing: 

~uncomfortable sensations from the heat
~indigestion or acid reflux, or other bowel issues
~impatience, frustration or anger and/or criticism, and intolerance
~excessive sweating or odors
~inflammation or achy joints

your pitta may be thrown off balance. 

You can help pacify your pitta by doing self massage with a pitta balancing oil, diffusing some pitta essential oil, or by receiving a balancing treatment.

The Garshana treatment benefits the pitta imbalance by assisting the body in detoxifying as well as improving circulation to help the body assimilate needed nutrients.

The Abhyanga also aids in detoxification, and overall movement to balance out the body. It is revitalizing and relaxing. During this season the therapist would use a pitta balancing oil to bring more coolness to the body. 

The Vishesh session is great for that pitta desire to have a deep pushing upon their muscles to rejuvenate the body as well as detox from excessive toxins or energies. This treatment helps bring fresh oxygen to the body which helps if you're feeling pulled down by the excessive heat. 

The Shirodhara is a balancing oil treatment which is often associated with balancing the Vata dosha however it is still helpful for those with a pitta imbalance as well for it can bring that 'go go go' energy some stability. 

In our healing space we have Pitta 'body' oils and essential oils to help support you throughout this time of the year! 

Wishing you the best summer yet! Enjoy.


Stepping into Spring

Here we are, finally feeling warm temperatures, seeing the green grass, the blooming trees and flowers and enjoying the end of one season and the beginning of another-Spring! (The tulips and blooms on our apple tree are my favorite)!

Viewing things from an Ayurvedic stand point our bodies are shifting through this "kapha" season. Kapha contains that moist component of the end of winter and the beginning of spring. So as our bodies mimic nature, you may be experiencing some blockages in your lymphatic or energetic systems. You may be trying to eliminate this excess moisture which has accumulated and is now wanting to flow onward and outward. 

I find that this FM area is also an interesting place to experience seasonal changes for the weather can play tricks on our system. We will have snow and 30 degree weather one day and 70 degrees the next! Supporting my own body make up has been imperative for me to get through these confusing seasonal changes (and to do so without getting sick). It takes my body a bit longer to "settle in" to a season in this location compared to other places I have lived. So, I personally am still experiencing this 'cleansing' of the kapha energies and moisture. However, we are also upon some Heat and those Pitta, Summer energies. So if you're already feeling the heat, check out my post on Summer Heat here.

If you're experiencing some of these bodily components (listed below) as we enter spring, you can come on in and support your lymphatic system with: *a Therapeutic Massage, a *Manual Lymphatic Drainage Session or an *Abhyanga Garshana (and Swedhana if desiring some extra heat or a momentary boost of heat to open your pores for better oil absorption). 

What bodily components am I referring to? Well, if you're

~waking up with puffy or crusty eyes, or an overall feeling of water retention in your body (puffy all over type of sensation). Or if this "puffy" feeling carries itself with you throughout the day.
~phlegm or mucous upon waking or more of it throughout the day. For me, I experience this sensation as myself questioning if I'm getting a 'cold' as it has gotten Warm.
~appetite changes (if these are significant and upsetting your system versus a joyful shift with the seasons)-such as really sluggish digestion, or a loss of appetite.
~having low energy despite loving that the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming, 
~feeling bogged down in general- feeling blocked and not flowy. 

So how have you been feeling as the seasons have changed? 

I have been feeling some of these things and am eager to have more bodywork done to help support my body and being throughout this transition! I have also noticed a small bit of this in my littles so I have been giving my kiddos more massage than normal too! Are you wanting more support through this seasonal change? 

*a quick summary of the modalities mentioned:  [A Therapeutic Massage can be done with Ayurvedic oil to give a boost to the lymphatic support of the massage.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle 'circling' massage that is focused on addressing your lymph system more directly.
Abhyanga Garshana Swedhana helps initiate the lymphatic system and improves circulation overall to bring this balance and assistance in clearing out the excessive moisture].