Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurveda is one of the oldest healing systems in the world, dating back around 5000 years! Most people know about Yoga, which is a branch of they Ayurvedic healing system. However there is so much more to it, and one of the best ways to balance yourself back to a state of health (or to maintain health) is to receive regular body treatments.

There are many Ayurvedic Treatments one can receive and they each hold different properties and have different purposes. The ones we offer include: 

$108/50 min    

It is a session with a lot of rhythm and can be considered 'vigorous' (similar to a sports massage but with more of a flow). It is stimulating for the system which can help with detoxification and lymphatic drainage.
There is more oil used than a typical oil therapeutic massage so it is recommended to bring/wear clothes that can be a bit more oily.

$70 add on to other session (approx 25 min), as a solo treatment $108 (approx 50 min)

A powerful Ayurvedic treatment for calming the mind and body. A warm stream of sesame or sunflower oil is poured over the third eye and forehead in a specific directed movement. It is recommended for a scattered mind, insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, mental tension or stress.

This can be done as an individual treatment or an addition to massage


$108 solo (50 minutes) $170 tandem (50 minutes, 2 therapists)

Ayurvedic “warm oil massage.” Your body is annointed with warm oil (often sunflower but it can be sesame or dosha specific) and slow rhythmic strokes are used to rejuvenate and soothe your systems. This treatment ‘calls the Vata home,’ easing overwhelm and anxiety and helping the body restore, as well as detox. Neem oil is used on your face during this treatment and castor oil is used on the feet and abdomen. (wear or bring clothes that can get slightly oily for after your session)
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Garshana Abhyanga Swedhana
$170 90min

This is an Ayurvedic treatment in three steps. The first is dry brushing the skin with raw silk gloves. This technique improves blood and lymph circulation, exfoliates the skin, and alkalizes the blood. Next, a traditional heavy oil body massage is performed with sesame or sunflower oil. (wear or bring clothes that can get slightly oily for after your session). Fresh lemon and sea salt scrub is applied to the feet, along with warm castor oil. Specific Marma points are worked on the head and torso. During this time, Nasya (nose) and Karna Purna (ear) oil treatments are also done. Lastly, a specially made steam tent covers and warms your body. A cool lemon scented towel covers your face.

Individualized Grounding Treatment
$120  75min

An individualized body treatment tailored to your constitution. Specific herbal oils are used. Warm or cool rocks, sand packs, and/or essential oils can be used.