Use the power of ancient plant medicine to help balance out ailments. Crystal is a trained aromatherapist so she has a strong desire to bring Safe and Effective aromatherapy options to those who desire using oils! Investing in education and support is priceless. A large passion is working with kiddos too, so she has done continuing education in Clinical Applications for Kids.

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Aromatherapy Consult $55 + the price of the remedy (ranges $8+).

You will begin your session via online intakes and communications with Crystal. After assessing your situation Crystal will come up with a couple options for your remedy. 
After email (or on occasion phone) communications, you will then meet in person to go over action plans, smell the oils and determine your plan to move forward. In some situations you can receive your remedy the same day as your in person session. There are certain applications which take time before you can pick up your personalized remedy. 

Aromatherapy, Hot or Cold, Foot or Hand Bath ($35; $20 add on for an individualized synergy versus a menu synergy).

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An aromatic foot or hand bath has numerous benefits aside from simply being relaxing and filling yourself with self love.

You will receive the  aromatherapy benefits of the specific oils used (ex: uplifting mood if mandarin is being inhaled during your soak).

Benefits for a hot soak:
~ balance circulation by dilating the vessels in the feet and ankles
~ stimulate involuntary muscles of the internal organs of the abdomen
~ assist with insomnia
~ ease menstrual imbalances
~ soothe muscle tension, aches and pains

Benefits for a cold soak:
~ reduce inflammation
~ contract muscles of the uterus and organs surrounding it
~ stimulate peristalsis
~ contract bladder as well as blood vessels of the brain, stomach, liver, and intestines

General ailments which may use hot or cold:
~ arthritis and rheumatism; joint aches and pains
~ stress/anxiety
~ low energy
~ comfort therapy


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