What Makes Us Different?

We are Organic, and Chemical Free!
We know the importance of what we put in and on our bodies. So, all of our therapists use organic, chemical free oils. We also use chemical free laundry products and soaps in our facility. We know some of you have chemical sensitivities and we want to make sure you're included in our facility. We offer organic products for purchase so that you can take home quality items to maintain your health.  

Our Unique Services
We offer some very unique services for this area. We are passionate about what we do and enjoy adding to our services. We see how receiving a variety or services can really help someone attain wellness and balance in their lives. Ayurveda is one of the oldest healing systems and is only now gaining more awareness around the world. We have been utilizing Ayurvedic principles for many years and now offer more and more of it to this community!

Our Unique Price Options
We believe strongly in everyone getting the care they need as well as the importance of regular self care. Because of this we offer “on program” rates (which are discounted rates than our regular rates) for those who come at least once a month for maintenance. We also have packaged minutes which make things even more affordable!

Our Infrared Sauna
We are one of the only places in the FM area who have our infrared sauna open to the public, so that anyone can use it-not just those receiving other services. We personally enjoy the benefits of infrared and want to share that with the world. 

Our mission for community service and evolution of the planet by supporting human rights and the planet.
We have a community space which is utilized by many for education purposes. We host different events to help the community come together to help one another and the planet. We have an organization each month which we donate to, and we collaborate with others to increase the impact of donations.

family owned business family supportive business family of healers image in moorhead

We are so happy to see you have found us and the work we do! We love sharing our gifts with the world, and here is how all of this came to be....

Matthew and Crystal met many years before they became a couple. They always had a unique spark and connection, however they built their friendship first throughout many years while living in different locations (Matt was in upstate NY and Crystal was in San Francisco, CA and then Crystal moved to Fargo when Matt moved to San Francisco). Eventually they followed their hearts to one another and tapped into their soul relationship as a couple. 

Both have worked in many healing establishments as well as running their own throughout the years and they were called to do so again, but this time, Together.
Moorhead Massage & Wellness Center is the focal point for this work. 

Their biggest focus in life is the foundation of family, as well as staying connected to their own life purposes. They have three girls. They've created this healing space so that parents can come and feel OK having their kids with if they are in need of some bodywork while unable to find a sitter. They both know very well, how tricky life can be with little ones impacting the flow of life.