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Here to help you find health and happiness in your body, mind and spirit! Beyond Massage-Into Complete Wellness!

All of us at MMWC have the gift of healing on many levels and we are here to share these gifts with YOU-the community. We believe when we start with our own wellness, we can better serve the community and world. Whether you’re looking for a therapeutic massage, a specialized Ayurvedic treatment, wellness knowledge, yoga or so much more, we are here to support YOUR INDIVIDUAL needs. Though we share so many traits as humans, we each benefit from listening to what our specific body and be-ing needs—we have the gifts to dive in and help you on that journey!!

Chrome & Firefox users: I have had a few ppl say that it is best to HOLD DOWN and Open in a new tab. If anyone has OTHER TECHNICAL Difficulties, please call or text Crystal (415.640.2346)—I’m happy to help anyone with tech errors as I am available!

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One Month Membership
from 125.00

Our Membership Includes:

Unlimited* Infrared Sauna

One 60 min massage

$50 massages purchased throughout the month of your membership

$12 yoga classes

10% off products

*Unlimited Sauna-you can come as many times as you desire during business hours and a 2 hour notice is required.

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Upcoming Classes:

Workshop Events (you can also view our events page)

Essential Oils Class: Where to Begin! Virtual attendance replay now available.

Full Moon Circle 6:30p-- Yin Yoga with essential oils and energy/body work: Feb 19, March 19, April 19, May 18, June 15, July 16, Aug 15, Sept 14, Oct 13, Nov 12, Dec 12. Sign up here

Yoga in Moorhead! And Kundalini Active Meditation!!

We have three amazing yoga instructors offering a range of one on one classes as well as groups. Save your place for classes here….
It’s helpful for everyone when you register! We have unique and amazing instructors thus we don’t always have back ups arranged. So if you’re space is not held, and class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances we cannot connect with you if you have not registered. <3

Our current schedule:


Wednesdays 6:00p: Beginner Level Yoga with Caroline
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Thursdays 6:00p: Kundalini Active Meditation. (this is not Yoga but it is body movement and meditation which is magical and profound :))
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3 pack Distance Healing Sessions with Crystal

Crystal connects with your energetic body via distance healing work and balances out whatever shows up. You will receive a detailed report of what showed up and cleared. This may be specifics within your chakra system, emotions, physical-internal or external imbalances, and so much more! She has found that doing 3 sessions in a 2-10 week period is extremely effective at clearing out very specific ailments, though there are many who only need or desire one session, or have the 3 sessions more sporadically or call upon each session for different ailments.

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Individual Yoga Session 3 pack

Experience yoga for YOU! Individual sessions are one of the best ways to really experience yoga because the instructor works Directly with You. Each body/mind/spirit has different needs and through working one on one with an instructor you create a plan that is exactly what YOU need.

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Working with Crystal is life changing to say the least. No matter what I have been dealing with, she has been able to unlock and guide me to a place where I feel so much better! Her hands on skills and distance work are remarkable!
— Rebecca


As someone who is a former massage therapist and has gotten body work from hundreds of people, I can honestly say that Matthew is among the very best. His work is intuitive, relaxing and deeply therapeutic.
— Simone M.
Kim is in tune with her client’s individual treatment needs and provides personalized care for optimal results. I love it when she incorporates raindrop therapy and essential oils in her treatments.
— Alli B.


For all the wonderful details look at our services page

It is our mission to work with folks who are on a healing journey and want to stay on track with their balanced life. We also want those who are financially strapped to have access to the care they need. Because of this we offer a different kind of pricing scale.
For Therapeutic Massage/Intuitive Massage/Access Bars/Energetic Balancing/Positional Release your first visit of the month is $45/ 1/2 hour, $75/hr $105/90min. Thereafter in the same month period, all sessions decrease to $60/hour. We also have memberships and specialty packages. Take a peek at our booking site to see all prices and book now. For each of our specialty services, you can see our rates on our services page.

We offer sliding scale options for those who show their state medicaid card (or other form of validation that they are currently 'lower income'). For  Veterans and college students we offer 10% off therapeutic massage, and personal yoga or hoop instruction.