Ayurvedic Healthy Body Journey

Are you ready to feel comfortable in your own body and skin?! Have you ever thought that being at your ideal weight can be through a luxurious and joyful process? 

Balancing your weight with Ayurvedic principles and the support of our facility gives just that-Luxurious and Joyful Weight Balancing! Whether you're trying to lose weight or you're feeling under nourished, we can work together to find that balance for you. 

Our Weight Loss Plan is wholistic. We don't simply look at your physical constitution. We utilize Ayurvedic principles, address emotional blocks, and inspire change on all the levels so you can detox, rid the excess Kapha, and ignite your agni (healthy digestive fires). This creates a place where you can feel balance on all levels while enjoying stepping into the body you love-which can now serve you and your purpose on the planet so much more easily!! 

Our Weight "gain" Plan is designed wholistically as well. This plan is for someone who is imbalanced in their Vata constitution. Again we address emotional blocks, detox and utilize Ayurvedic principles to nourish the body and balance the Vata and agni (healthy digestive fires) so you can feel nourished and juicy- therefore able to contribute more to the world without feeling depleted. 

Curious about how this all works? Ready to get started? Come in and consult with Crystal or Matthew Franco to begin your Ayurvedic Healthy Body Journey!!