Are you ready to:
- take control of the way you respond to stress in your life
- feel more peace and calm as you face stressful situations
- have a better ability to cope with what life brings to you
- have this be a year where the stress doesn't throw you into complete overwhelm

This is a special genre of utilizing aromatic plants to bring balance and wellness into our lives. Stress reduction is a common area which people need more support and plant intelligence is here to help! 

For the month of January until the Chinese New Year (February 16) you can get a stress reduction aromatherapy consultation for $33. 
33 is the number for expansion, assistance, optimism, blessings and a sense of feeling safe by knowing you are supported.

If you're ready to feel more at ease with your relationship with stress, seize the moment.

Stress Reduction Aromatherapy Consult
33.00 45.00
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You will begin with a stress questionnaire when you purchase. This will be followed by a mini consultation form so that Crystal can put together the best blend options for you. 
Then you can come on in to the office and smell all the magical smells and have your remedy made Just for You!
[Each one is completely unique (the method of use/application, as well as the plant oil blends)].