Anxiety Free April Sampler


Anxiety Free April Sampler

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Add tools to your kit to help you have less anxiety in your daily life!

During this three week sampler you will learn about:

Essential Oils

which ones are good for anxiety

which ones resonate the most with You

the correct type of use/application for the desired benefit (less anxiety stress) (The correct method determines it’s efficacy)


how you can utilize certain types of yoga and poses to increase your peace and wellbeing

Flower Essences

how they work to help banish past patterning and clear out traumas

Emotional Clearing

how the body holds onto emotions wreaking havoc in our body/mind/spirit

Other Exercise

ways exercise (which is not yogic in nature) can help the brain body balance

Brain Gut Connection

how to support yourself with foods/herbs/overall gut health. 

Bodywork Options

hear about an array of bodywork options that exist in the community which can help your parasympathetic nervous system take over instead of being stuck in the sympathetic fight and flight mode

You will receive mini emotional clearing sessions, personalized aromatherapy consult, individualized flower essence scan, yoga poses to use at home, foods and supplements to research and the list goes on. The 'normal' value of these services greatly exceeds the exchange rate for this special 3 week series. Who's ready to soak up April!!

3 days

April 14     3:30-4:45

April 21     3:30-4:45

April 28    3:30-4:45

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