We are so happy to see you have found us and the work we do! We love sharing our gifts with the world, and here is how all of this came to be....

Matthew and Crystal met many years before they became a couple. They always had a unique spark and connection, however they built their friendship first throughout many years while living in different locations (Matt was in upstate NY and Crystal was in San Francisco, CA and then Crystal moved to Fargo when Matt moved to San Francisco). Eventually they followed their hearts to one another and tapped into their soul relationship as a couple. 

Both have worked in many healing establishments as well as running their own throughout the years and they were called to do so again, but this time, Together.
Moorhead Massage & Wellness Center is the focal point for this work. 

Their biggest focus in life is the foundation of family, as well as staying connected to their own life purposes. They have two girls and one baby on  the way. They've created this healing space so that parents can come and feel OK having their kids with if they are in need of some bodywork while unable to find a sitter. Crystal teaches Lovespace Parenting Courses, so they both know very well, how tricky life can be with little ones impacting the flow of life.