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Upcoming Classes:

Infant Massage Class: June 28th, July 2nd.

Free FlorAlive Workshop: TBD

Free Floracopeia Essential Oils Introduction: TBD 


Matt Franco

Matt became a massage therapist in 2005. His foundation is addressing the root issues of the structural body to improve overall body health and to alleviate pain.  His style is composed of modalities such as deep tissue, positional therapy, neuromuscular release, and the like. He has a knack for helping retrain muscle memory so that the body can truly heal and "let go" of that which is creating disturbances to the individual. He also has a strong background helping those who have had injuries, whether from sports, repetition or an accident.  
Recently, after becoming attuned to Reiki and trained in Access Bars, he has found another path to assist the body in healing, by integrating energy techniques along with his strong structural foundation.

Crystal Franco

Crystal chose the healing path when she was 10 years old and has relished in working with so many people since 2000. Her focus is that of overall balance, energy work, clearing emotional/mental and energetic blocks, balancing internal organs along with the muscular work. Her massage forte is assisting with chronic neck issues, and dealing with the abdomen and pelvic support which is often skipped over during a 'typical' massage.

Kim Haarstick

Kim has been giving massage and body treatments since 2000. Her favorite modalities for healing include Ayurvedic massage and body treatments including oils, diet, and Yoga. Other treatments she offers are Raindrop Therapy, Hot Stone Therapy, PreNatal Yoga and massage and Labor massage.


Crystal’s body work is far more than just working on the body — she taps into mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages to help heal on multiple levels. Whether you’re dealing with backache or heartache, Crystal is the gifted healer for you
— Kristen T.


As someone who is a former massage therapist and has gotten body work from hundreds of people, I can honestly say that Matthew is among the very best. His work is intuitive, relaxing and deeply therapeutic.
— Simone M.
Kim is in tune with her client’s individual treatment needs and provides personalized care for optimal results. I love it when she incorporates raindrop therapy and essential oils in her treatments.
— Alli B.

Services and Rates

For all the wonderful details look at our services page. Below is a quick list and some pictures of the magic we offer ;) 

It is our mission to work with folks who are on a healing journey and want to stay on track with their balanced life. We also want those who are financially strapped to have access to the care they need. Because of this we offer a different kind of pricing scale.
For Therapeutic Massage/Intuitive Massage/Access Bars/Energetic Balancing/Positional Release your first visit of the month is $40/ 1/2 hour, $70/hr $100/90min. Thereafter in the same month period, all sessions decrease to $50/hour. For each of our specialty services, you can see our rates on our services page.

We offer sliding scale options for those who show their state medicaid card (or other form of validation that they are currently 'lower income'). 

Therapeutic and Intuitive Massage 

Positional Release

Prenatal Massage

Postpartum Massage/Moxibustion

Access Bars

Reiki/Energetic Balancing/Chakra Balancing

Emotional Clearing


Ayurvedic Treatments

Raindrop Session

Hot Stone Massage

Four Handed Massage

Couples Massage